Wearable Tech: MOTA SmartRing

How annoying it it when you have to reach ALL the way into your handbag or pocket to check the notifications on your phone?  Oh. Just me?  I’m exaggerating a little (a lot actually) but a cool new gadget soon to be on the market is the MOTA SmartRing which delivers smartphone notifications to your finger.  Whilst it won’t solve any pressing issues we’re big fans of practical aesthetically pleasing gadgets at i the stylist and the MOTA SmartRing may just be next on our wishlist.




MOTA specialise in portable and wearable consumer electronics and already have a sleek smartwatch on the market.  The SmartRing was only officially announced last week at the IFA Consumer Electronic Show in Berlin (which finishes tomorrow – Wednesday 10th September) and is currently raising funding via Indiegogo.



The SmartRing comes in a choice of two colours – midnight black or pearl white and will be compatible with Android and iOS devices.




The device will have a RRP of $100.00 but is available for pre-order in midnight black at a discounted early bird rate of $60.00.  Intrigued? Check out their website mota.com



By: Huna @ihunnamatata


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