Wearable Tech: Moto 360

Motorola’s Moto 360 at first glance looks like a classic wristwatch.  A definite plus for those amongst us who want the properties of a smartwatch without looking like you’ve stepped off the set of Star Trek.




It’s the first round Android Wear smartwatch and expect a alternatives from competitors to follow suite.  Whilst i find the concept of a smartwatch appealing I wasn’t sold on the shape which I found too masculine.  now, the Moto 360 aesthetically still isn’t my cup of tea – it’s a bit on the simple side – it’s still a improvement.




Reviews so far have been mixed.  bad points include the fact that the battery life is too short ad a lack of fitness features whereas good points include the round design and high quality materials.  The Moto 360 comes in two metal finishes – black or stainless steel whist the leather straps are available in three colours – black, grey or stone.  The Moto 360 retails for £199.99.







Motorola Moto 360, £199.99 John Lewis johnlewis.com


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