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There’s money to be made in stylish smartwear.  Ringly the makers behind smartwear jewellery for women, have so far raised $6.1 million – yes million – to expand their jewellery line.  The brand is the brainchild of Christina Mercando.  Mercando was Senior Product and Design Manager at eBay.  the idea came about after she realized that many women have a habit of keeping their phones in their purses, and as a result were missing important calls and texts.




Ringly’s current offerings come in a choice of five colours. The launch collection consists of four rings – a semi-precious or precious stone set in an 18K 3 micron plated setting.   Choose between black onyx, rainbow moonstone, emerald, pink sapphire (currently sold out) and the ‘limited edition’  tourmalated quartz semi-precious stone set in a rhodium plated setting. Aside from the sold out pink sapphire the remaining four styles are available through pre-order for 195.00 each.




At present the ring is only compatible with iOS and Android.  Select from four different vibrations and the Ringly will notify the wearer of incoming calls, texts, emails, and app notifications.


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By: Huna @ihunnamatata


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