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“Wearable device manufacturers have been targeting the consumer health and infotainment markets with little regard to the unique needs, styles, and habits of young adults—a substantial and as yet untapped segment in the wearables market.”  This is the opening statement on the website for new wearable technology entrant SAY™.


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Developed by Hermes Innovation Ltd, not to be confused with luxury French retailer Hermès, SAY aims to provide the first social network specifically created for wearables.  Speaking to wearablestylenews.com Uri Keren, CEO and co-founder of Hermes Innovation Ltd explained the product in some detail. He said, “Say is the first-ever wearable social experience. SAY is built [up] of a wearable computer with a screen that fashion companies design into their fashion accessories and jewelry. SAY is connected to a mobile application that on one hand controls the device’s functionality and display, and on the other hand connects to the SAY social networks and to other social networks, such as Instagram and Facebook.”



So in a nutshell SAY wants us to wear what we say.  Users can tap into their social networks and download the content they want to wear. I can definitely see the appeal for amongst teenagers and young adults which are the brand’s target market.  As yet there is no information regarding a release date or prices.  Check out their website to stay up-to-date saynecklace.com.


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By: Huna @ihunnamatata


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