Wearable Tech: Swarovski Shine

On first impressions the Swarovski Shine looks like a regular eye-catching piece of fashion jewellery.  The popular luxury cut-glass brand isn’t a name you’d associate with the tech world but thanks to their collaboration with premium wearable tech company, Misfit that could soon be the case.


The Swarovski Shine collection will marry Misfit’s technology with Swarovski premium jewellery to offer beautiful looking activity tracking devices.  Unveiled at CES 2015 the collaboration currently consists of activity and sleep monitors available in a variety of wearing solutions and finishes.



The actual technology is within the large crystal – it then can be housed in a variety of accessories to create a pendant, watch or bracelet.


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Being that it’s essentially an activity tracker I’m not sure how appropriate the Shine will be for gym use – I always take my jewellery off to work out but if you’re interested in monitoring calories and steps taken whilst out and about during the day then this may be an option for you.  Additionally if you’re a gadget fan and want an interesting conversation starter at social events then again,  I can see the appeal.



The device is available for pre-order via the Misfit website and prices currently range from $99.00 – $249.99.  The device is powered via battery (which lasts up to six months) and syncs with your smartphone allowing you to display the time from your compatible mobile device.  Swarovski Shine is also waterproof and has an app with various functions such as food logging.




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