Wearable Tech: Wristify

Wristify claims to be the first designer bracelet that heats or cools you.  How useful is that I hear you ask.  The bracelet is still in the development stage and the image below is a mock-up by award-winning designer Niccolo Casas.


The technology that will be used by the device is patent-pending but the idea is that the Wristify will send out natural waves of heat or coolness to activate the thermoreceptors (cells that detect temperature variations) on the surface of your skin, leaving you feeling rejuvenated.  So whilst it may not keep the cold at bay or cool down your whole body temperature on a  hot day it will certainly make an interesting conversation starter.

Wristify is developed by embr labs.  embr labs was started by four MIT students with a desire to create products that provide comfort.  Wristify came avout as a result of the quartet winning the first prize of the MADMEC competition at MIT.  Following their win they decided to proceed and make the Wristify bracelet a reality.




Late last year the company started beta testing the device so we may not have long to wait before the Wristify hits the market.  Keep up to date with the progress via their Twitter feed or Facebook page.


By: Huna @ihunnamatata


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