Wearable Tech: Oculus Rift

Last week it was announced that Google and a handful of other companies had invested over half a billion dollars ($542 million) into an organisation called Magic Leap – a company that are believed to specialise in augmented and virtual reality.  Magic Leap have described what they’re working on as a project to “develop and commercialize what we believe will be the most natural and human-friendly wearable computing interface in the world.”  Whilst it may be a few years before we can sample this proposed natural augmented reality space one company that is on the cusp of releasing their first commercial wearable virtual reality product is Oculus VR the makers behind Oculus Rift.







Oculus Rift aims to be the world’s best virtual reality headset. No doubt it will revolutionise the gaming industry.






What I can’t wait to see is the film options that will be availabe to watch with the headset.  Imagine watching a 3D action or animation movie with one of these on – mind = blown!  The first film available will be a horror called Banshee Chapter produced by actor Zachary Qunito.  Banshee Chapter will be available free on the platform.


Fancy trying it out yourself?  You can pre-order the latest version of the headset, Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 for $350.00.




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