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Air pollution kills seven million people per year according to the WHO.  Say what?  That’s more than murders, suicides and car crashes combined (someone every four seconds).  Cambridge Mask Company UK have a solution – an anti-pollution mask…with a fashionable edge of course.  Popular in Asia, anti-pollution masks are still yet to take off in the UK. Simply because you look like you’v escaped from quarantine. And, who can deal with that many stares first thing in the morning?  On the plus side you’re likely to get a whole carriage to yourself, even during rush hour. Anyway back to my point. Cambridge Mask Company UK launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise £25,000 to create the SmartValve technology – making it the world’s first connected mask.


Cambridge mask company


With less than 24 hours to go Cambridge Mask Company UK have surpassed their £25k goal and have raised over £30,000 with over 300 backers.  The webpage reads, ‘Our respirator measures breathing activity, pollutants around you and pairs with our app, which tells you when to wear your mask!  The Smart Cambridge Mask takes clean air to the next level. Today we bring you the world’s first pollution mask that can actively monitor the air quality around you and tell you when to change mask filter. It’s perfect for cyclists, urban residents or anyone worried about polluted air.’


Cambridge mask company


Win a standard mask

Can you see yourself strutting down the escalators in one of these (let’s not get into how filthy the air on the Underground is)? Or better yet stylishly navigating the A roads on your cycle into work? Well, we have one of the original masks to give away to a lucky reader. To enter simply sign up to our newsletter on the homepage and follow us on Instagram @i_the_stylist. Winners will be picked at random.


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