Weird & Wonderful: Yellow Easter Eyeshadow

The colour yellow has become a major trope in Easter aesthetics: think mini eggs, baby chicks, dandelions, the sun and the floral patterns that take fashion by storm. As the annual benchmark of Spring, it is important that Easter is represented with pastel colour palettes of brightness and joy – and of course, your eye makeup should be no exception.

To truly get into the spirit of Easter, you can start with a soft yellow base and embellish your lids as you wish. Here are some of the best Easter inspo looks floating around this Spring.


Little polka dots littered across your inner corner could make for a girly, but still out-there Easter look. Even tiny dots delicately placed under your bottom lash line in pastel colours or a white could create a subtle (but seasonally on point) look.


Gold glitter goes hand-in-hand with yellow. You could embellish a pastel yellow base with a golden cut crease or loose pigment gold lightly scattered on top. A touch of white concealer where you plan to add some Easter sparkle will make your glitter really pop. Or for a more dramatic look, go bold with black glitter.


If a full glitter lid isn’t for you, then a touch of white glitter on the inner corner of your eye is the touch you need. The beauty of this simple extra is that you can use loose pigment, your favourite highlight or a shade from your favourite eyeshadow palette. To have a look of cosmetic harmony, use the same highlight in your corner and on your cheekbones because it will bring the look together while you glow.


If glitter isn’t for you, why not go two-tone? A soft matte look consisting of a pastel orange or pink with a yellow base allows you to rock the Easter theme and stay comfortable with it. The beauty of two-tone is that you can blend it horizontally across your top lid, or across your top and bottom of even across your lid and crease. The possibilities are effortlessly endless.


All this eyeshadow talk and you must be thinking – where’s the eyeliner? If yellow eyeshadow isn’t your thing, but you’re looking to join the Easter makeup craze, then try yellow eyeliner. On a plain base or on top of a bold smoky eye, create an electric look with yellow eyeliner.


Easter is just around the corner… so it’s time to get your creative caps on and start rocking some weird and wonderful yellow looks.

Post Author: Josie O'Brien

Josie O'Brien
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