She’s our Hollaback girl (whatever that is). It’s Gwen Stefani

Woman Crush Wednesday: Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani has a lot of titles. Singer, songwriter, fashion designer, actress, television personality, former lead vocalist of the band No Doubt, and a queen of punk rock up dos. We all know and love her songs.  ‘Don’t Speak’, ‘Rich Girl’, ‘Hollaback Girl’ – with the latter reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100 while also becoming the first US download to sell one million copies.


Aside from her stellar music career, Ms Stefani is known for her trademark platinum blonde hair, red lips, and avant-garde style.  Both on and off stage. And seriously, the woman does not age!  Which, is why it will come as no surprise that she is our Woman Crush Wednesday this week…


Gwen Stefani


Least like to…to be the ‘little lady’.  She totally wears the trousers in the relationship with that big, strikingly gorgeous beau of hers, Blake Shelton. And, all his friends say she’s changed him quite a bit and has given Shelton structure in his life. Nicely done Gweni!



Impress her with…your love and knowledge of the Japanese culture and fashion sub-cultuures.  But, please make sure you know what you’re talking about. After all, she is a bit of an expert – many of her videos paid homage to Japanese style. #thissh*tisbananas


Gwen Stefani


Mention …The Cure’s Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me album. The Cure are Gweni’s fave band. If not familiar with the band, do listen to the album. It’s sick.


Gwen Stefani


And another thing…she is super mum to her three gorge boys. But, even though she is the ultimate American rock star sweetheart, she admits to struggling with the every day mum duties like making the boys do chores and making sure they grow up to be nice peoples (and cool as dad and her). Well…they all look like mini rock stars already!

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