Woman Crush Wednesday: Blake Lively

Our Woman Crush Wednesday this week is none other than the jaw droppingly beautiful Blake Lively. If you weren’t envious of her iconic role in one of the most loved American series; Gossip Girl, or envious of her amazing sense of style, or envious of her gorgeous husband Ryan Reynolds (Yes her life is perfect.) You will be envious of her announcement last week that she is expecting her first child. Blake is widely appreciated and loved because she is always smiling and seems so down to earth. If she wasn’t stylish enough the star revealed pictures of her outdoor autumn themed baby shower that looked incredibly quirky and magical. Blake is already glowing and sources reveal that she and Ryan cannot wait to be parents. In a recent post on the preserve Blake wrote “With a new baby on the way there is so much to do!” I bet there is and we can’t wait for the arrival! With such powerful genes we can already tell it is going to be the best dressed, most adorable little thing…




Least likely to…be happy in heels.  At 5’10” Lively has stated that she’s self conscious about her height and dislikes wearing heels…




Impress her with…southern cooking.  Forget the LA diet.  In her words, “…the more sugary and cheesy and fried, the better.”




Mention...cooking.  It supposedly one of her favourite hobbies…




And another thing…Lively started the third grade (Year 4) when she was only 3 years old.  Her 6 year old brother was starting third grade and didn’t want to go on his own so their mother told the school that Blake, who was tall for her age, was also 6 years old too…




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