Woman Crush Wednesday: Gal Gadot

Our Woman Crush Wednesday is none other than our very own Wonder woman. The Israeli born actress/model has been hitting our screens for years from seductive car-racing badass to evil-fighting superheroine; she’s never too far away from the action. In a recent interview, she revealed that she was ready to give up and stay away from L.A and we’re all thankful that she kept going – we’d say that’s inspiration for anyone to battle on given what she’s achieved. This week, we look at why men want her, women want to be her and why we simply can’t get enough of her.  


Least likely to… be a lawyer.

Before stardom struck this (wonder) woman, Gadot was set on walking the path to all things legal. Looking back, she states in a magazine interview that “Conflicts are not good for me. I’m all about Harmony and Zen.” It’s no surprise to us then that most of her roles are all about keeping peace.

Impress her with…punctuality.

At the age of 20, Gadot carried out two years’ worth of military training between her glamour pageant days. She would have to report at 5am every day(!) and put the soldiers through boot-camp.

Mention… Zero 7.

When going home after picking up her eldest daughter from school, she likes to play Zero 7 while rustling up an easy Italian dinner for her, her two daughters and husband.

And another thing…be sure to catch this Woman Crush Wednesday in her new flick “Justice League”.


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