Woman Crush Wednesday: Halle Berry

Our Woman Crush Wednesday this week needs little or no introduction.  Halle Berry’s first taste of the limelight was as a 17-year-old beauty pageant contestant which resulted in her winning Miss Teen All-American Pageant. The following year she became first runner up in the Miss USA pageant and started a career as a model.  In 1989 Berry landed her first acting role on a TV series called Living Dolls which was a spoon-off of poplar ’80s sitcom Who’s The Boss.  The show gave her great exposure and two years later Berry made her film debut as a crack addict in Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever. The following year she starred opposite Eddie Murphy in Boomerang and the rest is history…



Least likely to…to not go the extra yard for a role. It’s reported that the actress didn’t bathe for two weeks to get in character for her role as a crack addict in 1991 film Jungle Fever.



Impress her with…laughter.  She says, “Humor is always part of the best hours in life.”



Mention…Razzies. Short for Golden Raspberry Award; Razzies are awarded in recognition of the worst in film . Proving she has a sense of humour, in 2004 Berry became the first Oscar winner to attend and accept her Razzie Award in person.



And another thing…Berry was in line to play the role of Annie Porter in Speed; the role which went on to launch Sandra Bullock’s career…

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