Woman Crush Wednesday: Jennifer Lopez

Despite being in the spotlight for nearly two decades Jennifer Lopez has proves that she’s still got ‘it’ if rumours are to be believed that she’s bagged herself a celebrity beau 17 years her junior. Our Woman Crush Wednesday is said to have been dating the hugely popular Canadian rapper, Drake, for the past few weeks. Following a successful career as a backing dancer Lopez was catapulted into the public eye after hooking up with another hugely popular rapper at the time, P Diddy. A chart-topping music career followed and then the Hollywood big screen beckoned and the rest as they say is history…



Least likely to…get drunk. Lopez is teetotal.


Impress her with…romance.  She says, “I’m just the biggest romantic – it’s really sad. I tell people that, but nobody listens…”


Mention…guitars. Prior to hitting the big time she earned the nickname “La Guitarra” as admirers claimed her body curves reminded them of a guitar…



And another thing…Lopez used to be a backing dancer for Janet Jackson and worked on her videos and tours. Check out Janet Jackson’s video for ‘That’s The Way Love Goes’ and you’ll be hard pressed to miss her.


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