Woman Crush Wednesday: Katy Perry

Our Woman Crush Wednesday is someone that is no stranger to our site! Katy Perry is set to be one of the headliners at tonight’s Brit Awards which will be broadcast on ITV tonight.  After shooting to fame in 2008 with ‘I Kissed a Girl’ Perry has been hot commodity on both sides of the pond.  We love her wit, her fearless fashion sense and she sure knows how to make a catchy pop tune doesn’t she….



Least likely to…stress over her fashion fails. Speaking to BuzzFeed she admitted, “I mean, things that are too tight where I look like I’m spilling out of them unnaturally aren’t the greatest. But I just love playing, and I have so much fun, and I don’t take myself too seriously in any regard. And I think people see that and you know what? I’m just laughing all the way.”



Impress her with…cats. It’s well documented that Ms Perry loves our feline friends…


Mention…Queen. The group that is – not Her Majesty. The singer’s favourite song was ‘Killer Queen’ which she’s quoted as saying inspired her to be a performer.



And another thing…Perry’s first record deal was with a Christian record label which she recorded under her then stage name Katy Hudson – suffice to say the album was not a hit…



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