Woman Crush Wednesday: Kerry Washington

With the finale season of the American hit TV series of Scandal now underway in the US, fans in the UK don’t need to wait too long (coming to your screens on 15 November).  So, this week’s Woman Crush Wednesday is Kerry Washington who plays the lead female character; the formidable Olivia Pope. In the 7th and final season we see how her character uses her new position of power as chief of staff to the President and being the head of the secret spy organisation B613. The next few months will be a bittersweet and exciting time for Kerry Washington and the rest of the Scandal cast and crew.  After 7 seasons, the show, which started back in 2012, will draw to a close…


Why we love her


Kerry Washington


Least likely to…talk about her personal life. Speaking to Glamour magazine she stated that she learned from previous experience in her earlier part of her career where she did talk about it and how it did not serve her well.


Kerry Washington


Impress her with…your yoga skills. After Kerry finished her college education, she decided to move to India to become a certified yoga teacher! Since then she has developed a passion for Pilates and practices 5 to 6 times a week.


Kerry Washington


Mention…serving on President Obama’s committee. Back in 2009 Kerry was appointed in the President’s Committee of the Arts and the Humanities and immediately began helping schools in poverty-stricken areas. Pretty impressive I’d say.


Kerry Washington


And another thing…Kerry collaborated with nail brand O.P.I last year launching their autumn/winter 2016 nail collection.

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