Woman Crush Wednesday: Lorde

This week’s Woman Crush Wednesday is not one to rush the creative process.  Kiwi singer Lorde recently revealed to eager fans that they could potentially have to wait up to 10 years for her third album.  Her second album Melodrama, which was released four years after her debut Pure Heroine, was only released a few months ago but fans are already keen to know when she’ll be able to put out a followup.  Speaking on Twitter the Royals singer revealed ‘No that’s the thing it might be 4 years it might be 10.’  We love a woman who understands that creativity is never rushed…

Why we love her…




Least likely to…be fake.  She says, “I wrote my song ‘Tennis Court’ after having had a glimpse into the music industry, and I was thinking about how superficial people can be and how we put up all these fronts. It seems it’s never cool to get too enthusiastic about anything as a singer, but I’m quite outspoken. I can’t help but say what I feel, and it can get me in trouble.”




Impress her with…netball.  Lorde was an avid player as a teenager and her fellow teammate includes Olympic pole vault bronze medallist Eliza McCartney.




Mention…poetry.  Lorde’s mother is a poet and credits her as her main influence when it comes to songwriting.




And another thing…Lorde’s real name is Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor. Born in Aucjland New Zealand, Lorde has Irish and Croatian ancestry.

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