Woman Crush Wednesday: Remy Ma

Unless you’re a die-hard hip hop fan or fan of American reality shows you may have wondered who Remy Ma was. The Bronx, New York native is a celebrated and award-winning hip hop artist who gained prominence during the early ’00s and was an active member of Fat Joe’s Terror Squad which spawned the 2004 summer smash ‘Lean Back’ and the current hit ‘All The Way Up’.   Set for big things, her career took a turn for the worse in 2007 though following an incident which saw Remy shoot and maim an associate which led to her serving six years in prison for intentional assault. Following her release in 2014 Remy has been keen to reclaim her place in the rap industry and was a welcome addition to the cast of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop which she joined alongside her husband Papoose at the start of season six in 2015…



Least likely to…collaborate with Nicki Minaj. Their beef has been brewing for 10 years and is being cited as one of the most exciting developments in the current rap industry…



Impress her with…food.  Speaking to Coveteur she admits, “…I’m a dessert person. I designed a room at my wedding, I want to die in this type of room. There was a man making crepes, chocolate-covered fruit, a chocolate fountain, cakes, pastries! And I had a takeout section with a wing bar—barbecue, hot and fried wings. I had a french fry bar and ice cream station. I had every food you can imagine. I never realized I was a foodie until I met other people who told me I was a foodie, and I said, ‘Oh, that’s what it’s called? I thought I was just fat!'”



Mention…Beyonce.  In an intervew with Billboard she confirms, “…And everyone knows I love Beyonce. I think it was my first BET Awards and they was like, ‘Anything you want to say?’ [I said] I just wanna be Beyonce.”



And another thing…after spending six years in prison Remy Ma is passionate about highlighting the failures of the US prison system. Speaking with Fader.com she said, “…The first thing has to be the deprivatization. We have to end the private prison system. If you have something that is ran for a profit, and I invest 10 million into a prison, I’m not going to make any money off that prison if I don’t have any prisoners in it. That creates a motive to incarcerate people. That’s one thing.”

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