4 Steps to a Successful Year at Work


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Want your most successful year at work yet? You’ll be on the right path with our 4 step guide.


Set specific goals

No matter how big or small your goals are, it’s really important to have something to work towards. Whether it’s ‘Get a promotion’ or ‘Leave on time every Friday’, these aims will make you work harder and give you a sense of accomplishment.

To make them achievable, be blunt with each one. Write the exact steps you can take with the expected time limit. The more realistic they appear, the more motivation you’ll find to succeed.


Believe you can

A lot of success comes from self-belief. Ensuring that you are in the right mindset will make your working week extra productive and enjoyable.

Along the way, it’s expected that we will run into some hurdles. Rather than avoid or wait for help, utilise your surroundings, keep your bosses updated and possibly book or request a course.


Dress like a boss

The famous saying ‘Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have’, couldn’t be more appropriate.

When we look great, we feel great. Whatever it is you feel good in – own it. Whilst dress-down Fridays are great, give yourself a mid-week boost by dressing like a BOSS. If you are in need of some inspo, check out our workwear edit here.

It’s worth looking at your superiors for style tips and levels of appropriateness.


Have fun

Work is where we spend most of our time; we probably see our colleagues more than our friends and family.

Although work is not a playground, it’s important to implement a positive attitude and this can be maximised by being on friendly-terms with your colleagues. Try to make the best out of any situation or relationship you’re encouraged to endure.

This will make you feel much better in the long run and actually make your workplace somewhere you enjoy spending your time – or at the very least, not wanting to run out the building.

What do you do to keep motivated and how are you planning to have your most career successful year? 

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