Yoga: Stretch your way to a healthy lifestyle

For years now practitioners have preached the health benefits of yoga. As it has become more mainstream in recent times, those benefits have become better understood. Once you delve into the positives of this ancient practice it becomes pretty clear just how much good it can do and how it can improve people’s lifestyles. With that in mind, let’s check out some of the best reasons to do yoga.


General health


Yoga stretch


As with all forms of exercise, yoga can play a big part in improving your physical wellbeing. From releasing endorphins and helping regulate blood pressure to lowering the risk of heart disease and helping develop a more balanced metabolism, regular yoga can really boost your overall health.


Weight loss


Yoga stretch


Over time you’ll lose weight doing yoga and the reason can be twofold. One, because you’ll be burning extra calories. Two, because as you get used to doing additional exercise you’ll enjoy the results and that should keep you motivated to do more.


In addition to feeling and looking better there are plenty of other benefits in losing weight too. For example, one of the main causes of high cholesterol is being overweight and yoga can definitely help you shed a few pounds. If you’re interested in reading about the causes of high cholesterol you can find more information here.


Strength and flexibility


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It’s pretty well known that yoga is all about the stretch! With that comes increased flexibility over time, but it can be forgotten how this form of exercise can really provide a strength boost too.


It’s not just in muscle tone either; yoga work has also been shown to increase the strength of our bones and connective tissue. It’s also progressive, so once you master some of the more basic moves you can move onto to more challenging ones. This means that you’ll get even more flexible and stronger as you go.


Fighting aches and pains


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Yoga has been shown to help fight a number of aches and pains, including in the lower back. It can even help with arthritic pain in some cases. As a result of increased strength and flexibility you are going to reduce the risk of injury too. Just make sure that when you start you are doing the stretches under the supervision of experts and are building up to deeper stretches gradually. Long term, you are going to get so many benefits, so take your time getting it right.


Improved mental wellbeing


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Yoga can be an amazing stress buster. When you practice it you will have to really focus on breathing and being in the present. This can lead to lower stress levels, decreased anxiety and an increased feeling of overall wellbeing. With regular practice, yoga can help promote awareness and calm, centre the mind and increase concentration. These developed mental skills can play a part in helping you become more relaxed and be more efficient in your everyday life too.


There you have it, plenty of good reasons to give yoga a try. Now you know just how beneficial it can be, it’s time to start stretching your way to a new and improved healthy lifestyle.

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